Game Development Course For Kids

The JavaScript Game Development course for kids from Cyber Square is a great way for kids to get started in the world of game development. The Basic coding and game design ideas are simple to learn for children. Children with creative minds can bring their own ideas to game development.

game development course for kids


3 - 4 months


Beginner - Advanced

About the course

Gaming is the one thing that kids can’t stop themselves from doing. It is an interesting activity for them and a worry for parents. Kid’s interest in gaming can be transformed into something useful by enrolling them in our JavaScript Game Development Course for Kids. Game development course aims at introducing kids to the world of coding without boring them; in fact, the course will enable kids to explore their creativity and curate their own games using JavaScript.

The course is highly visual, interactive, and fun. Instead of playing games, kids might create their own games and animated stories through this course. As a result, they will be able to improve their creative thinking. Cyber Square coding courses for kids gives students the chance to learn programming languages and use professional tools.

Course Packages

course for kids

Game Development Beginner

Duration: 3 Months, 24 Sessions

Create games while learning the fundamentals of programming languages including JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, as well as visual coding, DOM manipulation with JavaScript, JavaScript calculators, and Phaser game development. The best part is that kids do not need to have prior coding experience for enrolling in this course.

key learnings
  • Basics of programming and game development
  • Design web pages using HTML & CSS
  • Create games using python
  • Create and edit audio, video, and pictures

Fee 1500 AED

1197 AED

Game Development Advanced

Duration: 4 Months, 32 Sessions

The JavaScript Game Development Advanced Course is a coding course for kids that addresses the advanced concepts of game development. Kids who have finished our JavaScript Game Development Beginners Course can simply complete this course. The course will ultimately result in making kids develop their own games.

Key learnings
  • Create web pages with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Web application development using JavaScript
  • Animation using JS framework
  • Create games using python
  • Create and edit audio, video, and pictures

Fee 2000 AED

1596 AED

Your kids will

Learn Visual Coding 2.0

This course will introduce kids to visual coding 2.0 and the fundamentals of coding. Kids will learn about the basics of VPL & how to draw shapes using visual coding.

Develop Mobile Application

Kids will learn how to create mobile apps and how to upload them to the Google Play Store.

game development course

Create JavaScript Game

Kids will learn how to make JavaScript game, platform game using phaser, and platform game with IndexedDB.

game development course for kids

Learn HTML, CSS & JavaScript

The sublime text editor, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript will be taught to the kids. This course will teach them how to use JavaScript to make a calculator and how to make a web page.

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