Jr. Python developer course for kids

Python is the best programming language to start with because of its simplicity and usability. This makes Python the best language for kids to learn to code. CyberSquare Jr. Python Developer Course gives an introduction to Python programming for kids and urges kids to create innovative applications using it.

python course for kids


3 - 4 months


Beginner - Advanced

About the course

The course will be completely guided by an instructor with the support of our interactive online learning platform designed specifically to help children use it with ease. Depending on your child’s interests and learning style, you can choose between a group class and a one-on-one training session.

Course Packages

python class for kids

Jr. Python Developer beginner

Duration: 3 Months, 24 Sessions

Python Developer Course for kids is a beginner-friendly Python coding course for kids, ideal for those who are just getting started with coding. This online python course for kids helps them to have a strong foundation in Python programming concepts and visual coding. The course teaches kids Photo Editing, and Music Creation, thereby enabling them to create their own games.

Key Learnings
  • Creating database application and Python MySQL
  • Robotics, IoT, Programming with Arduino
  • Creating games using visual coding
  • Creating and editing audio, video and Pictures

Fee 1500 AED

1197 AED

junior python course

Jr. Python Developer Advanced

Duration: 4 Months, 32 Sessions

The Jr. Python Developer Advanced Course is a coding course for kids that addresses the advanced concepts of Python. This course can be easily taken up by kids who have completed our Jr. Python Developer Course. The kid will attain hands-on experience in object-oriented programming, front-end and back-end development, artificial intelligence, and will be able to create games using Pygame.

Key Learnings
  • Python programming and game development
          using framework.
  • Creating and editing audio, video and Pictures.
  • Creating games using python
  • Creating IoT Systems

Fee 2000 AED

1596 AED

Your kid will

python online course

Know Python Basics

This course will introduce kids to visual coding 2.0 and the fundamentals of coding. Kids will learn about the basics of VPL & how to draw shapes using visual coding.

Learn Pygame & Pixlr

By learning python developer course for kids, they will learn how to create mobile apps and how to upload them to the Google Play Store.

Develop Mobile Application

Kids will learn how to make JavaScript game, platform game using phaser, and platform game with IndexedDB through the python developer course for kids.

Create Python Game

The sublime text editor, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript will be taught to the kids. This course will teach them how to use JavaScript to make a calculator and how to make a web page.

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