Little Coder

The Little Coder Course is an introductory coding course for kids that uses games and visual blocks to teach them the fundamentals of coding. The basics of coding will be taught to the children, the course primarily focuses on using games and visual blocks to foster kid's interests. All of the exercises in the course have been carefully selected to appeal to the child's preferences.


3 - 4 Months


Beginner - Advanced

About the course

The Cyber Square Little Coder is an introductory course on coding for kids from the age of 5 to 9. This course is intended at giving kids a taste of coding without complicating concepts for them. The course mainly focuses on employing games and visual blocks to develop interests in the minds of the kids. All the activities involved in the course are specially curated to suit the child’s taste. We've carefully included the fundamental coding concepts by emphasizing visual programming. This is the ideal online coding course for kids since it instils a sense of wonder in them. We also give equal importance to Tux painting, animation projects, and more, thereby ensuring that the course opens doors to the child’s creative learning possibilities.

course Packages

Little Coder beginner

Duration: 3 Months, 24 Sessions

As the name suggests, the Little Coder Beginner Course is a beginner-friendly coding course for kids, perfect for kids who are starting out in coding. The course uses a VPL to teach kids the fundamentals of coding, sequencing, loops, and conditionals, as well as painting, photo editing, toy design, and tessellation.

Fee 1500 AED

1197 AED

Little Coder Advanced

Duration: 4 Months, 32 Sessions

The Little Coder Advanced Course is a coding course for kids that addresses the advanced concepts of coding or in simple terms, uses the basics of programming to develop projects. This course can be easily taken up by kids who have completed our Little Coder Beginners Course. The course teaches kids Video Editing, Photo Editing, and App Development (Thunkable), thereby enabling them to create their own mobile application.

Fee 2000 AED

1596 AED

Your kid will be


Experience Tux Painting and get a taste of coding . Children will learn how to use Tux Paint to create new projects and stories.


Kids will learn the fundamentals of ScratchJr, including how to make animations and stories, t he concept of loops, photo editing, visual coding, and mini game creation.

Game developer

Kids will learn to create Games Professionally and the basics of programming.


Kids will learn the fundamentals of coding. Through a variety of activities, children will learn about sequencing, events, and decision-making.

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