Online Coding Courses For Kids

This innovative coding platform will teach kids the basics of coding and thus enable them to develop creative skills and problem-solving skills, and enhance their confidence.

online coding classes for kids
Online Coding Classes For Kids


Customized Learning Paths are introduced to increase the interest of kids to learn coding. Let’s see the three adaptive paths -

Visual Coding

This is the initial step to learn coding and here kids will begin to do various experiments using visual blocks.

Coding Classes For Kids in Qatar

Natural Language Coding

Each kid may learn differently so Natural language coding will allow them to use their own language and thus learn coding without any problem. Our aim is that nobody is left in the residue by intense coding language.

Online Python Course For Kids in Qatar

Professional Coding

Here kids will learn programming languages like JavaScript, Python and they will be able to develop games, apps, and other innovative projects.

Online Programming Courses For Kids
Best Coding Platform For Kids
Artificial Intelligence Course For Kids

Our Features

Robotics Courses For Kids in Qatar

Space For Ideas

Cyber Square nourishes young aspiring minds to get a clear vision of their ideas. We guide them in analyzing and building their vision and ideas into reality.

Computer Courses For Kids in Dubai
Computer Programming Classes For Kids

Fun And Engaging Curriculum

Our goal is to create an engaging system that provides exciting activities so children can understand the programming concepts thoroughly so that they can perform them on their own. With Cyber Square kids have fun while they learn without frustrations.

Basic Coding For Kids in Dubai
JavaScript Programming For Kids in Dubai

Professional Approach & Tools

We professionals at Cyber Square, have developed an in-depth understanding in how to teach kids and how to code. Moreover, we believe in exposing kids to real programming languages and professional tools.

JavaScript For Kids in UAE
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Cyber Square

Cyber Square is an online coding platform that helps your kids to learn coding in the most engaging way and thus improve their creativity. Our experts will provide live coding classes for kids in Dubai and help them to create their own apps, games, and websites. Let them be the creators of technology.

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online coding classes for kids

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