Coding Courses
For Kids

Cyber Square is an online coding platform that contains coding courses for kids that helps them to learn coding in the most engaging way and thus improve their creativity.

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Online Coding courses
for kids

This innovative coding platform for kids teaches them the basics of coding and enables them to develop creative skills, problem-solving skills and enhance their confidence.

Our courses

little coder course

Little coder

age 5-9

Create Animations & Games using VIsual coding

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ai course for kids

AI course for kids

age 9+

Create projects while learning the fundamentals of AI.

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designing course for kids

Design Your Website

age 9+

Learn to create & host a website

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python course for kids

Online Python Course For kids

age 7+

Learn to create Games With Python

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game development course for kids

Game development course for kids

age 7+

Learn to create Games Professionally

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Why Codingforkid?

Give your future champions exactly what they need to succeed in a language they understand. Cyber Square offers personalised learning pathways in which we recommend coding courses to kids depending on their abilities. Game-Based Programming techniques make learning smoother for anybody, regardless of age or coding experience.



Internet of




Critical Thinking

The kids improves their critical thinking and reasoning capability through the code generation process.


Learning to Code improves the brain's function by increasing creativity.

Logical Reasoning

Strengthen logical reasoning skills by creating Algorithms.


Coding involves build and deploy programs. So it requires teamwork.

Projects By Cyber Square Super stars

Take a look at the projects that our brilliant minds
have created by applying new technologies

Our Specialities

Space For Ideas

Cyber Square provides a nurturing environment for young aspiring brains to develop a clear picture of their ideas. We assist customers in assessing and realising their visions and ideas.

Engaging Curriculum

Our aim is to provide an engaging system with fascinating exercises that will allow kids to fully grasp programming ideas and do them independently. Children have fun while learning.

Professional Manner and      Techniques

We, the professionals at Cyber Square, have a deep understanding of how to educate children to code. Furthermore, we believe that children should be exposed to real programming languages and professional tools.

What differentiates us?

One to one training

Providing Customized coding training for kids based on the student's learning rate.

Learn from the industry experts.

Learn coding from the pioneers in the field of AI & Data Science.

Courses Designed By Alumnus of
     IIT, NIT & IIM

Courses Developed by IIT, NIT, and IIM Alumnus

UK Certification

On completion of the course, kids will receive a certificate from the United Kingdom.








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